Saturday, April 24, 2004


I got a magazine called, "ParentsLink" today from UCSD (San Diego).

In the address box it says, "To the Proud Parents of," and goes on to list my printed name and address.

I logged onto the UCSD website, and it's giving me:

"Transfer admission decisions will be made between mid-March and May 1, 2004. Please check back at this StudentLink site at that time for the status of your application."

What's the dilly yo? This better not be some cruel joke. If I'm accepted, it'll take a huge load off my shoulders because at least I'll know I'm going SOMEWHERE.

If I end up getting rejected and show up at UCSD for the first day of classes with this magazine in hand, will they give me a raincheck?

Friday, April 23, 2004

old picture

Me and Brian from a while ago. I found some perfectly good popcorn in the movie theater and gave some to Brian. Sharing is caring. We're chewing on mystery popcorn with our mouths open. Stella's phone doesn't exactly have a flash, so it's dark. I don't remember what movie it was.

Tuesday, April 20, 2004

the hike

the hike was great. the weather was a little on the chilly side, but i ended up sweating my ass off anyway. i would say we walked a good 7 miles. we got a little lost near the end, but i think people were overreacting. it wasn't even a half-mile detour. besides, real men don't use trail maps.

i had to descend the mountain on my tippy toes because my toe nails were killing me. i guess climbing down a mountain makes your toes scrunch up in your shoe, making them feel like the toenails fell off and your under-toenail-part is rubbing up against your socks.. or maybe that was just me.

Sunday, April 18, 2004


tomorrow is hiking day. i've been sitting here in front of my computer for the whole spring break, working on that translation. i think i can make a reasonable dent in my credit card debt with the money i'm getting paid. so that's good. anyway, it seems that everyone who gave me a "maybe" is going to show up tomorrow. that's pretty rare in my world.
i've put together a survival kit just in case we get stranded up there. it includes:
1. an lcd clip-on flashlight from my neglected bicycle
2. 5 bandaids
3. a tube of neosporin + pain reliever
4. about 6 feet of gauze
5. 2 books of matches
6. a trash bag
7. a plastic cup
8. some roadside flares to flag down the helicopter
i figure i can use the old "plastic-bag-over-a-moist-hole-with-a-rock-suspended-over-the-cup" technique to get some water in case we can't find a stream. it's extra-effective if you pee in the hole to make it really moist, but hopefully thngs wont come down to that. i know stella would probably prefer to die of thirst before drinking it, so hopefully we won't be stranded for too long.

i've also considered bringing along a hunting knife because i keep picturing all of us huddled by our respective trees, eyeing each other to see which one of us would make for the most nutritional meal. i won't be the first to go, i'll tell you that much.

here is a link to the trail for those of you that are interested: TRAIL

I'll put up some pictures from the trip later, stay tuned!

Wednesday, April 14, 2004

who's looking for a job?

bandai is hiring! well, they should be anyway... i've been translating some stuff for my dad the past few days, and it seems that some kind soul at bandai took it upon himself to lend a helping hand. this guy must've been in the english club during jr high, hs, AND college. check this out:

But, it was to think and to invite Rayteef conversely to the bosom depths and to be packed, to be isolated the intention of Debora which has been stuffed, making use of the ability of Coma, to stick the stop due to the hand of the self.

if you can't tell, this is an excerpt of the story behind this new game they're trying to market over here in the states. luckily, they included the original text in japanese.

Monday, April 12, 2004

am i just lucky, or...

are there tons of great books out there? when i was studying in japan, i was fortunate enough to meet someone who completely changed how i viewed life. he had a bookcase filled with books and i would read whatever caught my eye. every single book i read out of that bookcase has affected the way i think about things, the most influential being Of Human Bondage. i wonder how many other great books are out there? i will surely check out that bookcase when i return to japan this summer and make a list of must-read books.


a few days ago, i was at starbucks with some old buddies, and i met this guy i knew from HS. we talked as if we were old friends, telling each other what we've been up to all these years.

it was a REALLY uncomfortable experience.

the last time i saw him, he was staggering out from my garage because my friends and i had jumped him. he was part of our group at the time, but for some reason (i forget) we did it. the sight of him falling over onto my lawn and crawling back up to get away from us is still burned into my mind.

i left for japan a week later...

after he left starbucks, my friends told me about how a couple of guys are still being harassed because of stupid shit they did waaay back in hs. one guy almost got the shit kicked out of him in a parking lot by people he barely remembered. he survived with a crowbar stuck in his windshield.


are you proud?

"Let me put the facts before you. You were dying, and Dirk Stroeve took you into his own house. He nursed you like a mother. He sacrificed his time and his comfort and his money for you. He snatched you from the jaws of death."
Strickland shrugged his shoulders.
"The absurd little man enjoys doing things for other people. That's his life."

"It is not true that suffering ennobles the character; happiness does that sometimes, but suffering, for the most part, makes men petty and vindictive."

"Unconciously, perhaps, we treasure the power we have over people by their regard for our opinion of them, and we hate those upon whom we have no such influence. I suppose it is the bitterest wound to human pride."

The Moon and Sixpence
William Somerset Maugham

If you like this book, you'll love my favorite book of all time: Of Human Bondage

Sunday, April 11, 2004

random fact

Population densities:

* North America - 32 people/mi2
* South America - 73 people/mi2
* Europe - 134 people/mi2
* Asia - 203 people/mi2
* Africa - 65 people/mi2
* Australia and Oceania - 9 people/mi2


Thursday, April 08, 2004

random quotes of the moment

“If you can’t spot the sucker in your first 30 minutes at the table, then you are the sucker.”

“Love is the delusion that one woman differs from another” —HL Menken

"Of course there is a lot of knowledge at the universities--the freshmen don’t bring much in and the seniors don’t take a lot out, so it just sort of collects."

“He is no fool who gives up what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose.” — Jim Elliot

Saturday, April 03, 2004

boo yeah

Behold, the power of negotiation!

Discover Card:
-0% APR on balance transfers until 10/04
-0% APR extended for every month during which a minimum of one purchase is made after the inital offer period. 13.24% APR applies to purchases made DURING 0% balance transfer offer. $1/month at the gas pump qualifies. All payments will be towards the balance with the lowest APR.

Friday, April 02, 2004

thanks mom...

Sometimes my mom is really considerate and packs me a lunch the night before I go to school. It's rather touching to find a bag full of nutritious food sitting by the front door on my way out. It usually doesn't survive until lunchtime because I just eat it for breakfast in the car after I park at school. Sometimes I sit there with the engine running, munching on a banana, as a tear rolls down my face. It's great.

This morning, I was glad to find my lunch sitting by the door. I was really hungry because I had an early dinner the night before, and couldn't wait till I got to school to eat it. It usually takes me an average of 30 minutes to get from Torrance to Santa Monica, but this morning, it only took me 22 minutes. Every light turned green as I approached it, and I don't remember stopping once during the whole commute. Sipping on my coffee that I made with my free coffee maker, I was feeling pretty damn good.

I parked in the third spot closest to the school. "So this is what it's like to leave at 5am. A 22 minute commute, and great parking." I put down my coffee mug with a smile on my face and reached for my lunch.

"'s not that heavy today, I guess we're out of fruits..."

I opened the bag only to find myself staring at trash. From the bathroom. With a used tampon peeking out at me from under all the yellow Q-tips and tangled-up dental floss.